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Attorney David Natan has been serving the needs of Lancaster County families since 1992. The practice began with a primary focus on family law and has since branched into business and estate law.

Since 2001, attorney David Natan has served as a solicitor for the Lancaster County Children & Youth Social Services Agency, working on behalf of children. Prior to working with the County, David also represented parents in child welfare cases. In recent years, David has come to appreciate the progress that can be made in many child welfare cases by working within the system. He is often able to affect the process much earlier and help families resolve issues more quickly. He also helps set child welfare policies and is a member of the PA Children & Youth Solicitor's Association.

Attorney David Natan's primary mission is to help clients find equitable solutions to their disputes through a variety of means including mediation, negotiation and in the courtroom. With over 22 years of experience, David has become an expert in resolving tough cases that are often charged with emotion and meaning. David works directly with all of his clients, so clients won't have to worry that they'll end up with another attorney at the last minute who may not be familiar with the details of their case.

David Natan

Personal service, compassion, integrity and experienced conflict resolution are the cornerstones that have earned the Law Office of David J. Natan a solid reputation throughout the Lancaster community.

If you need legal advice on matters involving family law, estate planning or business law, contact attorney David Natan for a low-cost, initial consultation.

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