Family Law

Legal situations that affect our families are often the most difficult to negotiate. The emotions involved can be overwhelming, while the laws are far from clear about our rights and responsibilities.

Whether you're facing a divorce, in the middle of a child custody dispute or have questions about child support, spousal support or adoption, you need an attorney who can help you find the right solutions for you.

Attorney David Natan has been helping families since 1992 and has spent the last 14 years as a solicitor for the Lancaster County Children & Youth Social Services Agency working on behalf of children. His deep understanding of family law allows him to find solutions to many disputes that go beyond the courtroom. These solutions might include mediation or settlement negotiations that can result in a positive, equitable resolution for both sides.

Attorney David Natan works with families throughout Lancaster County on many types of family law cases including:

Child Custody

Regardless of the specific circumstances involved, David Natan firmly believes in reviewing all the facts and helping his clients understand all of their options for the best resolution possible.

If you're looking for the compassionate experience of a seasoned family attorney along with real solutions to your family law issues, put the law office of David Natan to work for you! Contact David Natan today for a low-cost initial consultation!

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